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Car Group
Vehicle Type
Daily Rate
CDW Daily
Weekly Rate
Per Day
Excess Insurance
Toyota Echo Manual
or Similar
US$ 33
US$ 5
US$ 214
US$ 3
US$ 204
Toyota Echo Automatic Opel Corsa Automatic
Mazda 323LX Manual or Similar
US$ 36
US$ 5
US$ 242
US$ 3
US$ 204
Honda Civic Automatic
Nissan Sunny Automatic
Mazda 323 Automatic
Or Similar
US$ 42
US$ 5
US$ 264
US$ 3
US$ 204


Toyota Corolla Automatic US$ 46 US$7 US$ 303 US$ 3 US$ 204 Book

Toyota Camry Automatic
Honda Accord Automatic
Mazda 6 Automatic
Mitsubishi Magna Automatic

US$ 50
US$ 7
US$ 310
US$ 3
US$ 204
Nissan Maxima Automatic
Toyota Rav 4 Automatic Or Similar.
US$ 69
US$ 7
US$ 371
US$ 3
US$ 204


Chevrolet Caprice (LS) Automatic Or Similar US$ 73 US$ 8 US$ 456 US$ 3 US$ 273 Book
Chevrolet Caprice (LTZ) Automatic
Or Similar
US$ 79
US$ 8
US$ 495
US$ 3
US$ 273
4 WD Nissan Pathfinder Automatic Nissan X-Trail Automatic Or Similar
US$ 121
US$ 14
US$ 730
US$ 3
US$ 273
Mercedes E240 Automatic BMW 525i Automatic Or Similar
US$ 156
US$ 10
US$ 926
US$ 3
US$ 273


Lexus LS430 Automatic Or Similar US$ 229 US$ 10 US$1367 US$ 3 US$ 273 Book


Mercedes S320 Automatic Mercedes S350 Automatic Or Similar US$265 US$10 US$1519 US$ 3 US$ 273 Book


4 WD Toyota Land Cruiser Manual Toyota Land Cruiser Automatic Or Similar US$142 N/A US$ 841 US$ 3 US$ 546 Book


1 Ton Pick-Up (4 x2) Manual Or Similar US$ 68 US$ 15 US$ 420 US$ 3 US$ 273 Book


3 Ton Pick-Up (4 x2) Manual Or Similar US$103 US$ 15 US$ 615 US$ 3 US$ 273 Book


Toyota Previa (7 Seater Van) Automatic or Similar
Chevrolet Venture (7 Seater Van) Automatic or Similar
US$ 94 US$ 15 US$ 586 US$ 3 US$ 273 Book


Toyota Hiace (15 Seater Bus) Manual or Similar Nissan Urvan (15 Seater Bus) Manual or Similar US$ 107 US$ 15 US$ 640 US$ 3 US$ 273 Book
Toyota Coaster (30 Seater Bus) Manual or Similar Mitsubishi Rosa (33 Seater Bus) Manual or Similar
US$ 170
US$ 1111
US$ 273

Terms and Condition:

  1. The above rates are qouted in US$ currency and does not include fuel.
  2. Chauffeur charges @ US$ 49 for 8 hours. Additional hours @ US$ 8 per hour.
  3. All drivers on visit or transit visa must produce their original national licenses. The national license must have been held for a minimum of one year. National licences on their own are acceptable from drivers from Western Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa.

    AGCC National licenses are acceptable if they are holding AGCC passports. AGCC countries are as follows:
    Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates.

    Expatriates holding AGCC are acceptable. The driver must have a current residence visa for the country that has issued the license.

    Drivers from other countries must have a current International License plus their own National License. National Licenses alone are not acceptable.

    Minimum age for groups A - F is 21 years and Groups G and above is 25 years.
  4. Additional drivers are charged at US$ 6 per rental. The same license requirements apply as paragraph 1.
  5. A signed credit card imprint will be taken at the start of all rentals for security reasons, even when the cost of the rental is covered by a voucher. This imprint may be caused to cover any additional charges not covered by the voucher at the end of the rental. E.g. fuel, accident or damages charges and traffic fines.
  6. Vehicles are covered by fully comprehensive insurance. However a police report must be obtained at the time if an accident or in the case of damage. If a police report is not received by Professional Tourism All charges incurred will be responsibility of the client, even if collision damage waiver has been taken. No replacement vehicle will be supplied and rental charges will continue until a police report is received along with any other relevant documents. In addition for security reasons, we need to view clients passport.
  7. Punctures, tyre damage, wheel caps, aerial and windscreen are not covered by insurance, even after paying Collision damage waiver unless the damage is caused as a result of an accident and the client has obtained a police report.
  8. Loss or damage to personal items is not covered under the terms of the insurance.
  9. A traffic regulation form should be signed by the customer who will be given a copy.
  10. Delivery and collection within Dubai (Jebel Ali Hotel Excluded) or Sharjah is free of charge. A Charge of US$ 27 per rental covering minimum 1 - 7 days, will be levied in lieu of Oman insurance coverage. for one way drop off to Muscat Oman, a charge of US$ 204 will apply. Muscat drop-off is restricted to saloon vehicles only. Four-Wheel Drive vehicles must be returned to Dubai, Unless an approval from Professional Tourism is sought on case to case basis. There is no facility for one way drop -off in Salalah, Oman
  11. Car should be reserved by group only Professional Tourism reserves the right to substitute equivalent cars, when the reserved car is unavailable.
  12. Our terms of business and insurance cover are all subject to the UAE law.




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